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Export all session data

You can export all the sessions you have ever done in focus booster.
Written by Sophie
Updated 1 year ago

To export all your session data from focus booster, you can run the session report export like so;

1. Log in to the focus booster web app.

2. Navigate to the 'reports' tab in the focus booster web app, it automatically loads to the dashboard. 

3. In the secondary navigation at the top of the page click 'session report'.

4. To export all data, select the entire timeframe for which you have been using focus booster.

5. Select 'filter'.

6. Ensure the data which has loaded contains all of your focus booster sessions.

7. Hit export and a .csv file will download with all your data.

8. The .csv file can be saved to your desktop or printed as a hardcopy.

The session report will include the following data client, label, duration, date and time completed.

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