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Why upgrade

Upgrading to a paid plan will open up a range of features that are bound to make your life easier.
Written by Sophie
Updated 1 year ago

Why do another time sheet when focus booster can populate them for you?

Why worry about getting more done in your day when focus booster can help you be more productive?

Why live without focus booster when it will set you back little more than a coffee per month for all features?

You should upgrade for all those reasons (more time, no timesheets, cost effective) and because it will give you more time for you. In the words of L'Oreal, because you are worth it!

The professional plan

Upgrading to the professional plan will give you the ability to track unlimited sessions.

For those who use focus booster for freelancing, consulting and other business models - you will be able to track clients and revenue. Giving you the ability to easily export reports based on client, label, and timeframe.

That is bound to save you time, all while helping you focus.

The individual plan

Upgrading to the individual plan will enable you to complete 200 sessions per month (a great deal more than the starter plan 20 sessions per month), that is around 10 sessions every working day.

So while you are being more productive than ever, you don't need to worry about keeping track of where all your time goes.

Further to this, you can use all the data you collect to analyze your productivity and find the areas you need to improve.

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