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How to get the most out of focus booster

Win the day with our pomodoro timer.
Written by Sophie
Updated 1 year ago

Plan Your Day

Do a pomodoro plan at the start of the day. Note down the tasks you want to achieve and estimate how many sessions you need to complete them. This helps to set realistic expectations for what you can get done in a day! When you have smaller tasks you can group them together in one pomodoro.

Make use of your breaks

We mean actually take them and move away from what you are doing! It will help you stay fresh and focused during your sessions. Also, be sure to add a longer break in after every 4 sessions (20 mins or so is standard). Here is a run down of exactly how to use the pomodoro technique if you need a refresher.

Learn to manage distractions

Be sure to manage distractions and interruptions effectively. Move somewhere quieter, put headphones on, return calls after a session is complete and let colleagues or fellow students know that you will be unavailable or if they visit during a session let them know you will get back to them.

Tailor focus booster to suit you

With plenty of configurable preferences, you can really make focus booster work for you. Whether you prefer longer sessions, the motivating ticking during sessions or the mini timer on top; you should experiment with what makes you most productive.

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