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Adjusting timer preferences

Make focus booster work for you by configuring the preferences perfectly, to make you super productive.
Written by Sophie
Updated 1 year ago

To change any of the preferences on the focus booster timer all you need to do is visit the preferences area, which is denoted by a cog icon. In the desktop app this is behind the menu icon. In the online app, you will see it in the timer drop-down, next to the timer label.

Session and break length
Session lengths can range from 1 - 90 minutes, to configure just drag the blue slider. Break lengths can range from 1 - 30 minutes. The standard recommended session length is 25 minutes, the standard short break is 5 minutes and the long break is 20 minutes. Learn more about implementing the technique with our pomodoro guide.

Audio and alerts
Both apps have configurable alerts for the session and break end. The desktop app also has a motivating ticking sound, configurable for both the session and break. It simulates a real timer, like the tomato timer which is what the pomodoro technique is named after.

Mini timer
The desktop app has a great mini timer so you always know where you are in your session or how far away your next break is. In the timer preferences, you can set a preference for the main timer to minimize as soon as you open the mini timer.

Color theme
The desktop timer also boasts a light and dark color theme. So the timer stands out as much or as little as you want! Choose your theme at the bottom of the desktop timer preferences.

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