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Creating, editing and deleting clients

Assigning clients to sessions gives you visibility of where you are spending your time.
Written by Sophie
Updated 1 year ago

Creating clients

Create a client and assign an hourly rate in the focus booster web app on the client tab.

1. Log in to the focus booster web app.

2. Navigate to the clients tab, which is in the top navigation bar.

3. Select 'create a client' and enter the client name and an hourly rate. If you do not wish to use hourly rates you can turn them off in your preferences.

Alternatively you can create clients directly in the client field and then assign their hourly rate later in the client tab.

Once a client has been created it will be visible in the timer drop down, so you can select it whenever you like.

If you wish to turn clients off you can also do this in the preferences area.

Editing clients and deleting clients

In the client tab you can disable clients and enable clients, edit the name or hourly rate, or if they have no sessions assigned to them you can delete them.

Data is important to understanding your productivity and revenue. For this reason you can only disable clients that have data associated with them, rather than delete them. If a client is disabled, they will no longer show in your client list but the data will be accessible if required.

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